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COVID-19 Vaccination- Update



10:35 AM

Covid-19 Vaccination- We are happy that all our staff and most of our residents have received both doses of the Covid-19 vaccination. 

We also have opt-in to have CVS assist in administering the Flu vaccine to our staff and residents this Fall 2021.

COVID-19 Vaccination

Thursday  12/17/20

3:32 PM

Covid-19 Vaccination

We are working along the County of San Diego who have requested for our staff and resident count. We have opt-in to receive assistance from CVS pharmacy to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine to anyone who would like to receive it in our homes. We will always ask for the responsible family member's consent for any treatment, including the vaccination. 

Visits by Family Members and Health Professionals

Monday 6/1/20

5:45 PM

Family and Friends:

Visits with close physical contact by family are not permitted at this time.  We understand how difficult this situation is. We understand that many businesses in the community are opening up for economic reasons. However, we are taking every measure possible to protect are elderly residents, our staff, and their families.

Each of our resident's rooms have windows and we encourage you to visit your love ones and sit with them for awhile with the physical barrier in place. We also encourage the use of videoconferencing tools such as FaceTime. Please call our facility and one of our caregivers will be more than happy to assist.

Hospice, Home Health, Physicians, Chaplains, Nurses, Therapists:

Health care workers visiting to provide necessary and vital care to residents are permitted to come to the facility as long as they meet the guidelines for health care professionals at :

Canyon and Clairemont Guest Home has put into place additional precautions for all those who enter our homes, we appreciate your cooperation. 

Healthcare workers whose work involves entering multiple homes throughout the day are discouraged from coming into our homes if virtual visits are possible. Please use discretion to determine if your face-to-face visit are vital. For hospice residents, our caregivers are fully taking the load of caring for them to eliminate the need for Hospice CNAs to come into out homes, and for this we are very grateful.  

How We are Keeping our Homes Safe

Thursday 5/28/20

8:20 PM

We have put into place enhanced disinfecting and sanitizing standards.

All staff and those who enter are required to sanitize shoes, sanitize hands, and wear face masks at all times while caring for our residents and when in close contact with any other personnel.

Staff have been retrained to wash hands for no less than 20 seconds.

Staff that enter the home are required to disinfect their shoes and to remove outside clothing and change into their scrubs at the start of their shifts. We have a separate entrance for all staff. This entrance has an outdoor sink which all who enter are required to wash their hands. 

Grocery and home good items are placed outside in the sun for a couple of hours and then disinfected properly before bringing into the home.

Staff who are feeling ill or have a fever are required to notify manager and administrator immediately and are not permitted to come to work.

Staff are provided with disinfectant spray and Bleach solution which is CDC approved. Staff are also provided with appropriate PPE such as face masks and gloves. 

Floors are disinfected when ever a healthcare provider or others come in. They are regularly disinfected twice daily. 

Walkers, wheelchairs, grab bars, and door knobs are disinfected constantly throughout the day.


Social distancing is being practiced between staff. Residents dine at intervals, no more than 2 at the table, to limit exposure with others.  

Prospective Residents


6:00 PM

We choose to refrain from accepting new residents directly from nursing homes at this time even if they test negative for the COVID-19 due to the concern that they are at a higher risk of exposure after the testing is performed. We prefer that the patient be quarantined at their own home for at least 2 weeks before moving into our homes. Due to the current circumstances, we require all new residents to be tested for COVID-19. 

We are doing virtual tours of our homes. Please contact us to schedule an appointment

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