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Who We Are

Established in 1998, we are a family-owned Residential Care Facility for the Elderly. 

We are dedicated to give our resident's the best care and we view it as a privilege to care for the elderly and to be a support system to their families. 

Our amazing lead caregiver has 10+ years in working with elderly ones and have gained the respect, admiration, and appreciation of family members throughout the years.

Image by Max Itin

We're Here for You

In California, there sits a 250 year old tree named Lone Cypress. It is enjoyed by this world as it awe-inspires us of it's life story to which we'll never know the details of. It is supported by cables and stonework at its base to keep it strong as it continues to produce beautiful foliage. If a mere tree is admired for it's endurance and long life, it is our obligation to show the elderly honor and respect they truly deserve. Even if one looses their a measure of mental ability, they can still sense if their dignity is being respected. Here in Clairemont Guest Home, we would like to be a cable, a stone at the base, to help you and your family embrace life as a gift with your loved ones. 

Image by Cristian Newman
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